If you are a woman, you have a higher chance to get a urinary tract infection, and if you have got one there is a big risk that you will have repeated infections in future. What causes urinary tract infections in women? Every girl is often told in her childhood to wipe from front to back after visiting the bathroom. The matter is that the urethra - the tube transporting urine outside of the body from the bladder - is located very close to the anus.

The large intestine contains a lot of bacteria such as E. coli which can easily escape the anus and get into the urethra. These bacteria can move up to the bladder, and even travel to the kidneys infecting them. Women with shorter urethras are especially prone to urinary tract infections because bacteria can quickly get to the bladder. This also affects the skin, so Sexual intercourse (not necessarily anal) can also introduce bacteria into the bladder and upper. ..

Brain Injury

A lot of elderly people commonly complaint that they notice certain problems with their memory. For example, it may take them more time to remember some information or they cannot remember the details at all. As a person ages his or her brain ages as well. We're used to say that it's a normal process and nothing can be done about it. The most common cognitive problems include: trouble focusing, concentrating, or paying attention, disorientation, difficulty remembering things or memory loss, difficulty with spatial orientation, understanding problems, difficulties with judgment, behavioral and emotional changes, problems doing many tasks at a time, worsened organizational, arithmetic, and language skills, slower information processing and delirium, more:

Even relatively healthy people sometimes describe difficulty focusing and thinking. This may happen without any obvious reasons or may be triggered by a number of them. One of them may be radiation treatment to the neck, head or total body. Another cause may include brain injury or surgery. Sometimes immunotherapy, hormone therapy, and other medications (antibiotics, anti-nausea medications, pain medications, antidepressants, immunosuppressants, heart medications, anti-anxiety medications) may lead to cognitive disorders. ..

Hormone Of Stress

Most people become obese because they consume more calories than they burn every day. But in some cases, different health conditions may underlie weight gain. Let us have a look at the major ones of them. Underactive thyroid is known as hypothyroidism, more: It means that this small organ on your neck is not producing enough thyroid hormones. Diabetes treatment is another cause of weight gain due to insulin intake, mainly. Diabetics also tend to eat excessive snacks in order to prevent low levels of sugar in blood. Ageing people also tend to gain weight, probably due to the decrease of muscle mass that is responsible for burning calories.

Steroid treatment is used by patients suffering from such conditions as asthma and arthritis, but corticosteroid tablets increase appetite leading to weight gain. Cushing's syndrome is a disease caused by high levels of cortisol, the hormone of stress. And weight gain is a number one symptom of stress and low mood. Depressed people turn to food as a calming means. Tiredness is another cause of obesity, because tired people tend to have higher levels of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates hunger, and reduced levels of leptin, the substance that makes one feel full. ..

Positive & Critical Comments

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